Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Shimano DX pedals - who needs SPDs!

I love my bike, but not that much that I want be anything more than losely attached. Last summer, fed up with being viewed as an oddity for using flats, I gave SPD's a go and over one of my regular routes the average speed was exactly the same as with flats - maybe I was not trying hard enough? So back to my V12's.

In a moment of boredom I was looking around for something different to replace the Specialized pedals on my full susser and, having heard David waxing lyrical about Shimano DX pedals, I picked up a pair from Ebay. When David immediately wanted to buy them off me I was intrigued to see how they performed and now after some months I can see why he was so keen. The grip is fantastic and so far I have only once suffered the dreaded whack in the shin that is the major disadvantage of flats.

The trick with flat pedals is to use the right shoes, until now I've used DC skate shoes which have stiff soles and a pattern that locks to the raised pins. David now tells me that the shoe to have is a Five.Ten - has a special compound sole that grips like the proverbial.I have bought some Shimano shoes to try as these have also had rave reviews and will allow me to try SPD's again if I feel like it - I also like the lace cover which will save some cleaning!

Will let you know later how these work out, Shimano MX-30 DX pedals.


uphilla said...

Should have said that the secret of a good flat pedal is that it is not flat, but slightly concave. The DX has additional pins in the middle where others only have cast in pegs.

uphilla said...

Have now used the DX Shoes a few time now and can say that I am very pleased with them - Comfy, Grip well on flats, shed the muck easily - brilliant!

Farqui said...

It's certainly been the weather to test gear in the grime.

Chipmunk slipped off her flats at the wkend and has a couple of good bruises to show for it. It's still not helped to convince her about spd's, but I'm working on it ;-)