Monday, January 23, 2006

PSA : Blog Warning

After changing our MTBing Blog URL / name from; to; may find the odd link that is invalid. Please hit your browsers Refresh icon (F5, Ctrl-F5) to ensure that you've retrieved the latest version of a particular page and retest the link. If it's still broken then please email me with the details. Thank you for your patience.


Farqui said...

You'll probably also find that the new Comments (blinking) text is flashing and telling you of new replies. On opening the list of comments you'll probably see they are no new entries. Unfortunately, this is due to your local cookies that are URL based and I'm unable to do much about this. You'd best open up the peek-a-boo comments to stop the flashing, else you'll not spot any legitimate, new replies.

If you're logged into Blogger and either the Edit Post or Trash Comment icon's aren't appearing, even after a total page refresh (Ctrl-F5) then you'll need to remove any local Blogger cookies.