Monday, January 02, 2006

Hiawatha Trail

It's been awhile since i posted anything so i thought i'd share a few pics from a family bike ride last summer. This particular trail is part of the Old Milwaukee of the first RR lines heading West from back in the gold rush days. Towns would establish overnight back then, and many of those old railroad towns are now ghost or decayed. You can still research them and even along the Hiawatha trail you can see visible evidence of life...old leather cowboy boots, shriveled up to an un-noticeable state. Glass...from 100's of broken beer and whiskey bottles mostly centered around the old whiskey saloons and even remnants of old structures. Most of the towns catered to the old boys and gals who made working and traveling on the railway their life.....brothels, and watering holes were a necessity it seems.

But anyway......and now, here in the states converting those old railways into recreational trails is very popular. You can find them in just about every state, and here in Montana and Idaho we have the proclaimed "Hiawatha" , and it's about as scenic as she gets. Along the 15 mile route you encounter countless old tunels, many require a front lamp to make it thru. My kids absolutely loved'em. The surface is crushed limestone and the grade is fairly's just a nice relaxing ride, one that i try to do about once per year.

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Farqui said...
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Farqui said...
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Farqui said...

That's a nice looking, gentle ride there with some breath taking scenery. How high is that bridge? I agree with Chipmunk, it looks fabulous.

It was after WWII when our "railroads" were cut back, since then many have been re-created as recreational trails that are quite popular, esp with families. Many of which were spotted when we rode the High Peak Trail a few years ago, we thoroughly enjoyed it.

uphilla said...

WOw, if we had scenery like that I think I could get my family out cycling more. Locally we had the "Brampton Valley Way" from Northampton to Market Harborough which has a couple of tunnnels, but is fairly flat and voted very boring by my wife and children.
Tissington trail, Manifold Valley and High Peak and Derbyshire are more scenic and not too far from here.
Thanks for the pictures Chaybo.
(P.S. - found some cassette movement on the 5-spot which might be root of shifting problem!)

Farqui said...

Yesterday, Chipmunk & I hit the Brampton Valley Way (that Uphilla mentioned) and we were surprised to find two very long tunnels. You defo need lights to ride 'em and walking is interesting, as you're in complete blackness.

I reckon the longest is around 3/4 mile long although the GPS signal was a little hazy, ahem.