Tuesday, January 24, 2006

AE Line and Kirroughtree weekend

Hello Dudes

Last weekend we did two 7 Stanes courses; AE line red on the Saturday and Kirroughtree red\black on the Sunday. We stayed at the Clachan Inn in Dalry, on the Saturday night, I would highly recommend this pub\B&B, the accommodation and the food was excellent (£30 pppn).

AE line - Red 16.5mile 3 hours 15mins

AE was the last 7 Stanes course to be built and I bet they're still smiling now; this course has more air time, then Evil Knievel. There's some excellent downhill sections with table tops, rollers, drop offs galore and the biggest berms I've ever seen. I’d read on some of the forum’s, that people didn’t like the red at AE and I can see why, but what goes up, must come down and you get rewarded, especially in the last 3 miles. I particularly liked the alternatives routes, where you could choose either red or black. I’m already looking forward to going back and improving my jumping technique. AE Line Photo's

Kirroughtree - Red\Black 20.4miles 4 3/4hours

This is one of the best courses I've ever ridden; in fact, it’s probably is the best course. There's just so much rolling singletrack it’s unbelievable. I couldn’t possibly describe how good this course is, you NEED to try it yourself.

I also tried the double black diamond Chute on McMoab and that was some rush (view from the top) Kirroughtree Photo's

I can see why the 7 Stanes has been voted the best mountain biking in the world. Awards 2004, 2005.

We had a quality weekend with no injuries and only two punctures. We’ll defo be going back very soon.

This was my 5th outing on the 5 spot and I’m still completely blown away how much better this bike gets, it has definitely improved my riding\technique and increased the fun factor ten fold.


Farqui said...

That does it! I've defintely got to make it oop north this year.

Nice pics Toons.