Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Meribel Day 4

No Sicknote, no host (bikes not very well), so Les, Darren and Dozer off trailblazing. We took the usual lift and route to
Mottaret, then the Pas du Lac1 to pick up our favourite black 5 (lovely single track). Freshly strimmed, hiding the
rocks but still good fun, until we were hassled from behind by a couple of mad Scots men. We managed to stay on the correct track this time round the altiport, but then lost the black 5 signs, picking up the coming weekends Rando VTT signs, for a while. We came out on some very steep 1.5? rocky track, which soon fried my brakes so I bailed out to the side to let them cool. I caught up with Les and Darren but had a little lie down to the side as I stopped and couldn’t unclip. We came out in some ones backyard and then kept on the road for the last ½ mile to ensure we got to the correct place in Les Allues, to get the bus back up. Les thought he had a broken spoke, only to find out his tyre was bulging and about to go bang, luckily it survived the bus journey back.

Back to the apartment to say hi to Sicknote, change tyre, then out again for some local tracks above Mottaret, with Justyna as our guide. We found some nice tracks, but not the ones we planned, probably a mix of cycle routes and accidental footpaths (NB don’t bother doing the double track, pad burning black 4!). Then back up to the 5 and return down to the

A quick rest and another hi to Sicknote, before heading out for the final short run of the day, only to find I had a puncture in the garage (not a pinch???). Quick fix, up the lift with a plan to race down the lovely blue ‘trout’. Darren was struggling with fatigue at this point, has Les shot off. Darren had a little lie down and scuffed his knee (having refused the loan of Sicknotes elbow pads :-)).

Another greats days riding, with just a few scuffs and more brake pads to replace in the morning? Ready for our epic 1800m descent plan for tomorrow!

Posse; Dozer (Canyon ESX), Les (Specialized Pitch), Darren (SC Heckler), Justyna (pm only, Boardman 120mm).

Dinner – Lasagne.

Weather; Hot and sunny :-)

No route, sorry I didn’t press record.


Mechanicals; Dozer puncture and GPS not well after being dropped on floor outside apartment, Les bulging tyre (on his bike!).