Monday, July 02, 2012

Meribel Day 2

Monday, July 2nd 2012-07-01

Sicknote fixed his RP2 first thing in the morning by inserting a new Schrader valve from his spare inner tube. He borrowed the tool to do this from a local French garage.

High winds have dropped off and the lifts are running today. Yippee! No massive hill climbs. Unfortunately, the mountains have been covered in cloud today so we were unable to see the lovely views on the way up. We all purchased lift passes for the week at 49 Euro each.
In the four hours of fantastic cycling that we were able to fit in before the heavy rain set in, we manage to do several downhill runs. On the first run, we encountered a group of cows and a
protective bull half way down the mountain.... as you can imagine, this slowed us down a bit as none of us wanted to upset them. They are pretty big when you get up close.

On the final descent, our host Lee decided to put us to the test and lead us down an expert run which proved very interesting half way down through a forest. Sicknote managed to get a puncture from a thorn. Apparently, this is a first. Most of the happy bunch managed to
have little lie downs at points on this section. Dozer’s was the most amusing. Luckily no one was really hurt.... just bumps and bruises.

Baby David (Dozer) was really happy becausehe again managed to plot our routes on his GPS which he has loaded to his laptop. It does look pretty impressive when you go through it.



Author - Sicknote
Posse; Dozer (Canyon ESX), Les (Specialized Pitch), Darren (SC Heckler), Sicknote (Specialized
Pitch), Lee – Chalet Host (SC Chameleon, Nomad shock not well), Justyna – Mrs Chalet Host (Boardman 120mm).

Dinner – Salmon on cruet.

Weather; Misty whiteout rain late on.
Mechanicals; Darren swapped break pads prior to expert descent. Host Lee’s
bottom bracket became loose on the final descent. Justyna needed to adjust
handle bars because they moved out of position on her first downhill. As
mentioned before, Sicknote had a puncture in his front wheel from a thorn. He
also needed to top up the air in his RP2 so it is not fully fixed..... but
usable. : )


dozer said...

Update from Willy & R2. They have no WIFI access so will blog on their return. Sounds like the riding is good but very challenging. Their group contains younger people with more skill?

Justina said...

Another enjoyable post to read.......thanks for sharing.