Sunday, July 01, 2012

Meribel Day 1

Sicknote’s RP2 gave up the ghost before we had even set off, so he had to hire a bike for the day. No lifts due to supposed high winds at the top.

Lots of riding on nice blue singletrack runs between Mottaret 1750m and Les Allues 1100.

Lee took us up the mountain in his minibus
after lunch followed by a long grind uphill on fireroads to pick up the top
section of the black 5, which we cut off half way down to head back to the
chalet after an odd but excellent days riding.

Posse; Dozer (Canyon ESX), Les (Specialized Pitch), Darren (SC Heckler),Sicknote (white hire bike), Lee – Chalet Host (SC Nomad)

Dinner – Moroccan Curry followed by sticky toffee pud.



Weather; Sunny/Overcast, bit of rain, but still warm.
Mechanicals; Sicknote RP2, lost all air when we tried to pump it, a problem with the Schrader valve. We are going to try replacing it in the morning with one from a tube, hope that will work.