Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gaerne Boots

Gaerne Boots, is that pronounced Gay Ernie or Gear Knee? Who knows. Anyway, these are fully closed boots leather uppers with velcro fastners.

First ride in them today, they are very comfortable and the elasticated ankle supports keep rubbish out and protect ankles very effectively thanks to a solid plastic protector.

Grip is excellent in the inevitable muddy walking and unusually the grip stands proud of the cleaps (Les-ism) so you can walk about without clicking and wrecking the cleap.

Styling is slightly 'unusual' but that will soon disappear under mud.

These boots are fur lined and have plenty of flex and give in the uppers, I think they will break in nicely to my duck like feet. Velcro straps are strong, don't slip and provide lots of adjustment to find a comfortable fit. I don't really know why but my feet always seem to come loose in my shoes after a mile or two, laces make this more or less impractical to adjust hence my choice of straps.

I had planned to keep my old boots going for the summer and use these in the winter but I rode today in 20 degrees and didn't feel any overheating at all to my surprise.

Bought from chain reaction, reduced to £90 so a good price, quality is excellent and easily justifies this price but the RRP would be a little 'full' in my opinion.

Italian made shoes are often slightly mean in the sizing, these are my normal 44 and seem to fit very well so I was glad I didn't go a size up.