Monday, June 20, 2011

Bike, Beer and BBQ

Hi everyone, long time since I saw a some of you. I am going to be out of action for all of August, and no it is not a gastric bypass (Chris, don’t believe a word Darren says!). So last chance to get a ride in and have a few drinks before the nights start to draw in.

If anyone is interested I am planning a local ride on Saturday 9th July. Not sure whether to do the run down to Harpenden (32 miles) and then get the train back or something a bit more local taking in the quarry we found last year. It wont be an early start as our friendly postman has to ‘work’ Saturday morning, so I guess kick off from mine between 1-2.

Then back for lots of drinks and a BBQ. Therese and Anne-Marie are away for the week, so plenty of places for people to crash out for the night.

Route (TL)


Once I am back on the bike again, either September or October I’ll look at organising a weekend away in Wales, not done that for a while.

Also come the Autumn I’ll start planning a return trip to the French Alps, July 2012 before the schools break up for summer. Meribel was recommended in one of the mags, it reckoned the trails are more like the Welsh Centres rather than the scary stuff around Morzine - PDF.