Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Help! I think I need another bike

I went out for a couple of hours last night on the local, now very muddy trails. Half way around my Cotic Hemlock was totally plastered in mud and must have weighed about 45lbs. Should I
a) just think about changing the tyres as this is where most of the extra weight will have attached?
b) join the singlespeed (or light hardtail) craze? or,
c) stop complaining and struggle on with the Cotic.

If (b), please provide suggestions...


dozer said...

What tyres have you got on the bike at the moment? and size? We have a mixture of sand, chalk and clay round here, so tend to avoid some of the clay trails. We still get clogged up, but that is the joy of riding this time of year :-)

uphilla said...

Some people are going for Shimano Hub gears now to avoid winter messing with the rear mech. Single speed is only for 'nutters' imho :)

Willy said...

Currently have Rubber Queens - aka Mud Magnets.

One of the chaps with us last night had Alfine gear for Winter but v heavy wheel affected handling - perhaps 7speed cassette would be better though where you get the rear mech for that I don't know.

There were two singlespeeders who were consistently fast last night, both with rigid forks too! Nutters indeed but v light set up with little to go wrong or wear out...

Dangerous Dave said...

Shimano can get a bit bogged down with its 2:1 ratio and only SRAM stuff worked at SITS 2008, and that's the worst mudfest I've ridden in. Literally everyone with Shimano mechs was snapping mecs/hangers!

Tyres make a difference. 

Nice thin muds is what you need. Try some 1.8 fire xc muds. 

Singlespeeding requires a certain degree of masochism, can wreck your knees and back if you're not careful. Quite satisfying though, especially when you speed past geared folks struggling up climbs!!! You learn to carry your speed more and certainly get fitter! 

Could always try converting your bike? Tensioner, ss kit for the freehub and a 32th chainring would be fairly cheap?!

Rob#2 said...

I notice that know one has suggested getting a new bike...I can't think of a good reason why you should do so but I know its on your mind!! You only have to justify it to yourself. If the wife is a problem you could of course buy it for her xmas present. No doubt she doesn't like MTBing and it will soon be yours!

My top tip is good, thin mud tyres. I use Bonty Mud X and like them. Dangerous Daves suggestion for single speed is spot on for you. Anyone with your mountain goat tendancies will probably enjoy it!