Thursday, August 05, 2010

Mountain Bike Cufflinks

I've been asked a few times and at last I've managed to get some bike cufflinks. See PoshCuffs.

These are proper mountain bike design, find them here.

Discount is available on application to me in The Chequers, Streatley (Friday Night Club) but you might have to buy me beer first.

We have some silver ones too but they are a bit 'roadie', I'll keep a look out for more proper bike styles.


Rob said...

Sorry that should be

Mountain Bike Cufflinks


Poshcuffs Bike Cufflinks

With luck those will work!

Farqui said...

Hardtails...have you got any fullsus'ers?! :p

Kiddin' aside, glad to finally see that our hobby/sport is being catered for - well done.