Sunday, October 11, 2009

AFAN - Penhydd, 4th October 2009 (pm)

After the disappointment of the morning’s mechanical problem I was glad for the chance to get back out on my bike. So Willy and myself loaded our bikes into the car for the short journey down the road to the other trail centre. As we pulled into the car park the attendant was there collecting money, it would appear that my (unfounded) reputation has even made it to Wales, I asked him how much, to which he replied ‘£1 for an hour or £3.50 for all day’ slight pause ‘so make that £2’ (I wasn’t going to argue).

We quickly assembled our bikes and set off. The climb starts with some nice twisty singletrack, but then does become a bit of a slog up the fire roads, I didn’t mind too much as I could just plod along and watch Willy’s rear wheel disappear into the distance. I really do enjoy a couple of sections on this trail, no matter how many times I do them. The hidden valley was good fun, I now just ignore the drop to one side and I am getting better at the switch backs, but still had a couple of dabs (well a dab on one and a walk on the other). I think my favourite section is the sidewinder, carrying lots of speed from one corner to the next and no drops to worry about if you get anything wrong. The only thing to watch out for on this section is the little tree stump on the outside exit of every bend (outside foot down???).


Posse: Dozer (Canyon), Willy (Cotic)
Weather: Fine.
Mechanicals: Both of us had our chains come off at the same time, Willy at the front jamming between the cranks and the frame (day one of the Alps again) and mine at the rear, jamming between the spokes and the cassette.