Friday, July 03, 2009

Morzine Day 6 - the final frontier

Last day of the epic visit to Morzine and the plan was to do a grand tour taking in Morgins (where we were stranded day 2), Champoussin and Champery. We made it up to the top of the Mossette lift (sans Uphilla due to continuing rear brake issues) but unfortunately the Swiss side looked very misty and rainy. Rather than risk another 40km road trip to get back to Morzine, discretion was the better part of valour and we turned around and went down the smooth looking fire track back to Lindarets that we saw each day from the chair lift on the way up.

From Morzine Day 6

Yet again, Dozer lived up to his navigation record and the trail was actually crap - rocky, unstable and never ending jaw breaking stuff - the only good thing about this trail was that we managed to get away with only one pinch puncture (Dozer again). After that disappointment we went up the Avoriaz and made our way back down to Morzine exploring some of the stuff up from the Super Morzine chair. One little cut off from the main trail looked interesting but unfortunately within a few minutes we were off the bikes struggling down a rooty extremely steep thing that only a lunatic (aka much better cyclists than us) would even attempt.

After a snack at the chalet we tracked up Pleney lift and after one pleasant blue down picked up Uphilla and lost Farqui so the posse stayed at 4. Up Pleny again and into Les Gets with some pleasant stuff on the more straightforward DH runs. The final curtain was a couple of beers in the bar on the way down into Morzine with the run into Morzine considerable more smooth and relaxed.

Overall a great way to end the trip!!



Posse: Dozer (Canyon), Farqui (5Spot) part, Les (Pitch), Uphilla (5Spot) part, Willy (Cotic)
Weather: absolutely fabulous sunny with little breeze and toasty warm.
Mechanicals: Dozer punctured.
Injury's: None really apart from a few bruises.
Cock up of the day: It did not rain in Switzerland after all so we could have completed the Portes du Soleil tour. Willy lost his lift pass.


Farqui said...

This wraps up a great week of riding :( with good buddies, on great trails, with awesome views and in fab weather (mostly) :)

Now we have an early start and an epic return journey (12hrs-ish) to get thru...

Dangerous Dave said...

Dozer keeping up the punctures I see!

Hate the drive home, but hope it goes ok for you.

Anonymous said...

My torment is over! You're on your way home, now all I have to face is endless stories and tales of spectacular high speed downhills and near misses.

It's been great to follow your exploits, but I can't go through it again so next time I'll be along side having fun.

Spain anyone?


Willy said...

Spain sounds a good idea to me - there was something in paper this w/e in the Sierra Nevada staying in luxury chalet at 1700m...with land rover support.

Rob#2 said...

Ummm.....I fancy Spain. Sierra Nevada is only a one hour drive from Malaga which in turn is a 2.5hours flight from Luton. Good for a long weekend.

Farqui said...

I've just uploaded a final set of pic's from our Alpine adventure - that include a few resourceful tips from our Yorkshire man.

Uphilla also has a final set available but you'll have to ask him nicely to make 'em public...