Thursday, July 02, 2009

Morzine Day 5

The day started with the Super Morzine lift and the schweet hack over to Les Brochaux/Les Lindarets where I came belting out of a rocky section, slithered through a wet dip stradling a rut and fortunately managed to collect the 4 or 5 tank slappers B)

Using the lifts :) we tackled the blue run twice at Avoidiaze but birthday boy (Willy) bust his seatclamp at the end of run#1 and had to slog back to Morzine for a replacement. Meanwhile we headed over to Les Crossettes and schralped the red run which had open, flowing berms but was quite steep in places.

From Morzine Day 5

Back at Point De Mossette we met up with Willy and took the GR5 we did earlier in the week. On this descent Dozer bust a tyre near the refuge and as it was open this time we decided to par-take of a brew. Back to the lift at Les Brochaux we head up to 2,277m again at Point De Mossette and this time we took the alternate GR5 around the back of Avoidiaze to Col De Caux.

The Col involved one heck of a hike a bike with short cranking sections in roasting heat all the way up to the summit - which straddles France and Switzerland.

On the descent we Les and I ended up racing down the awkward fireroad and sat patiently at a road crossing for the rest of our crew. Only to find that we'd missed a turn and they'd slithered further down the valley without us.



Posse: Dozer (Canyon), Farqui (5Spot), Les (Pitch), Uphilla (5Spot), Willy (Cotic)
Weather: absolutely fabulous sunny with little breeze and toasty warm.
Mechanicals: Willy's Hope seat clamp let go on the GR5, Dozer punctured, Uphilla lacking brakes, Farqui's leaking Pike.
Injury's: Farqui face planted on the GR5 escaping with a bloody ankle, Uphilla inner thigh scuff to compliment the pad rub.
Cock up of the day: Farqui lost yet another Floodgate adjuster - Willy's this time !


Dangerous Dave said...

Good old rock shonks loosing their bits!

Farqui said...

TFT have a replacement Floodgate and Compression adjuster kit for a whopping £28 :o Which is bad enough, but I need two of the darn things :x

Me thinks I'll cannibalise my Reba for Willy and heath-robinson myself a couple of adjusters.