Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Morzine Day 4 - Part 2

After a morning resting, fettling the bike and window shopping in town withdrawal symptons set in and despite black clouds I headed up the Pleney lift to try something local.
As soon as I reached the top the thunder started again and the lifts closed down, so my options were limited. I opted for one of the 'Blue' runs back down to Morzine, but in error started on part of one Black run and scared the s**t out of myself. Fortunately there were a few options and although the rest was fast and 'bermy' it was more 'blue' than black and I got down in one piece to find Dozer, Les and Willy back at the Ranch - Willy reclining in style in 'boxers' and ice pack.
The Alpine storm cleared enough and we could see the Pleney lift operating again, so three of us headed back up for more action.
First shot was the 'Blue' proper to the right of the lift, (our first sight of heavily padded trees!), - good flowing start and then the big berms, drops and finishing with a fireroad blast and a final few twists across the hillside back to the lift.
Back up the lift, and another blue down to Les Gets - much gentler than the last with a finish on the berms of the red back to the lift to keep us on our toes! Just in time to catch the lift back up.
A little bit of 'cross-country' back to the top of the Pleney Lift, (xc generally included a hike in these parts :-( ), and Dozer decided we would finish the day with a repeat attempt at the blue back home - all this to the accompaniment of Les's squeeling brakes.
It is worth saying that XC bikes are heavily outnumbered in Morzine and as the week goes by it is easy to understand why. A heavier, long travel bike with big tyres and a low saddle comes into its element here...



Posse: Uphilla: Turner. Dozer:Canyon, Les: Pitch
Mechanicals: None, (well Les's brakes were very noisy)


Farqui said...

Sorry I missed the fun today guys.

An afternoon successfully fixin' my rig (new rear pads, damping fluid/fix, rid the most annoying saddle clamp squeak - hopefully...) will see me back on in the hills t'morrow :p

Thankfully my Magura anchors are holding up to these steep descents nicely and today's replaced rears were the old/part worn'uns I arrived with. So they've coped well with x3 days of Alpine trails. The front pads were brand new at the start of the week and still have plenty of material left :)

Dangerous Dave said...

Getting even more jealous now! I can just visualise all the trails you've been riding!

Sure there are lots of DH and long travel bikes but equally I saw a lot of XC bikes out each year I went out.

Rob#2 said...

Enjoying your daily clips from day 3 provide some concept of the Blue trails. Hope Willy has recovered from his bump.......keep the posts coming