Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Morzine Day 3

Decided to go over to Switzerland agin today to Morgins via Chatel (France). So far Dozer has been in charge of the navigating - Day one planned to do the Passport du Soleil - got lost. Day two planned to go to Avoriaz (ended up in Champery - Avoriaz now renamed Avoidiaz) so we were all looking forward to the magical mystery tour that was to be day 3. In fact all went reasonably well for the first couple of hours, nice tracks beautiful weather as we made our way over to Chatel - but that is where things again started to go wrong. A track had been closed for forestry so the route into Chatel was a long hack on the road ending with a long drag of a climb. Still a nice gentle blue DH run awaited us in Chatel which actually started well until I punctured (3rd of the tour so far), then immediately Les did too, then Les again (he walked down after that). Still, great fun so we did it again and then started to make our way over to Morgins - big mistake - near vertical walk up and a buttock clenching descent with Les puncturing a further two times on the way down and incredibly Dozer puncturing whilst walking up - how the **** did he do that? Eventually made our way into Morgins on the road and Les punctured yet again as we got to the lift back towards home at around 3pm.

From Morzine Day 3

It then started raining, then hailing then lightening and thundering so much so that they shut the lift up and we had to get the Riders retreat guy (thanks Paul) to come and pick Les & me up so Les could cook dinner and then I could treck the 40km back again to pick up Dozer, Uphilla and Farqui in the car. We finally got back to the chalet at 8.15pm - has to be said morale was a bit low. Still with Les's curry to look forward to things are now a bit brighter. Will let you know how the curry is tomorrow - provided we are still alive :p



Posse: Dozer (Canyon), Farqui (5Spot), Les (Pitch), Uphilla (5Spot), Willy (Cotic)
Weather: absolutely fabulous sunny with little breeze and toasty warm followed by a bloody great storm at 3pm.
Mechanicals: More pinch punctures than has ever been recorded (one whilst walking uphill) Farqui's Pike still not well.
Injury's: Farqui suspected tendonitis (though we are doubtful that was caused by cycling), Uphilla inner thigh rub from pads (sceptical about that too). Willy - ant bites whilst fixing puncture.
Cock up of the day: Dozer for navigation and managing to delete all his photos - drunk again...


Anonymous said...

How come it rained, you had your lucky Les with you!

Looks like the bikes got a rinse down from your bouncing rain.

We're due your rain tomorrow!


Dangerous Dave said...

The rain has already started here!

Shame you had a bit of a wet day but the Alps tends to like changing weather at random!

Don't worry about Dozer puncturing walking up, it's just the general knarlyness of Morgins. Even being in the place causes punctures - last year a guy got an epic blow out just from standing still.

And yeah, that place is steeeeep. It has the only DH track that I've ridden that genuinely scares the shit out of me.

Anonymous said...

I'm gutted at missing the trip but enjoying following it so someone take the camera from Dozer!
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Dan Howell said...

Lovely to read these updates while I'm sitting in my (home) office sweating my cobs off. Kinda.


Farqui said...

Towards the end of the day my ol'bod started to really feel the strain. I could no longer commit to 100% concentration (with 110% commitment) and started to make a few small mistakes. From previous experience I knew that if I kept going that I'd pay dearly for it (CwmCarn) so I paid heed to the aches and enjoyed a day off the saddle.

Oh and being marooned in Switzerland for 4hrs in the pooring rain may have dampened my enthusiasm somewhat...fortunately the hot-tub was excellent :B

PS: what's with all the punctures guys ?! - crosses fingers that I've not just tempted fate...