Monday, February 23, 2009

DW Turner 5 Spot

Hello Dudes

Here’s my latest bike; I decided purchase the new DW Turner 5 Spot, this was a little risky because I tested the Ibis Mojo (DW Suspension) last April and hated it. The Mojo didn’t engage the trail and felt lifeless compared to my HL 5 Spot.

We rode Dalbeattie Red last weekend and the new 5 Spot is tremendous, does every my HL 5 Spot did but better, thank goodness the bike rides like a Turner.

It climbs better than the HL 5 Spot\TNT RFX; I managed to get further on one section, when you get the power down, it feels as though the back wheel just digs in. The handling is superb and it corners like it's on rails, I had no problem jumping off stuff and it was very very smooth down the qualifier to the Slab.

The DW Turner 5 Spot did feel a bit sketchy coming down Moyle hill (rocky downhill section) compared to the RFX, but I’m running a lighter wheelset, so going to try the DT 5.1’s on it.

I did have a few pedals strikes, also I clipped my heal on the elevated chain stay.

I missed the gravity dropper soooooooooo much, so need to sort that out. Also I need to get a bash ring, as the rocks at Dalbeattie just ate the race face ring.
Its 27.84lbs and the full spec is here

See you on the trails