Saturday, November 01, 2008

Coed-y-Brenin, MBR Trail

After lunch we three headed out around the familiar MBR trail and the opening rocky section soon had DD doubled up with a headache. The tough lickle soldier soon shrugged it off and plodded around the rest of the trail without so much as a "where's the short cut" :p

I can't recall if Uphilla somersaulted here or on a later section but as usual our rubber pal immediately jumped back on and cranked off into the distance.

We've all ridden this several times before and mostly remembered what was coming although I'd forgotten how much fire road crankin' there is. Fortunately excellent sections like The Pink Heifer make the toil bearable.

Unfortunately none of us cleared the tricky bridleway climb up from the ragin' river but we were all quite tired by this point.

The trail was again much drier than anticipated with just the odd puddle here and there to remind you it's autumn. The sunshine was doing it's best to keep us warm but as the day light receded, so did the temperature.

The drive back through torrents of rain (from Telford on) which made me chuckle at just how good the weather had been for us - quite unusual for me this year.


Posse: DDave (4x), Farqui (5Spot), Uphilla (5Spot)
: None
Weather: Fabulous autumnal day, cold breeze but dry and sunny


uphilla said...

Great to do this one again, the trail seemed in good shape and I think I noticed some 'repairs' since our last trip.
It would be good to do this on fresher and fitter legs, I'm sure it could all be cleared.
Weather makes such a difference, a cool bright autumn day out on the trails cannot be beaten!
... and we still have Penmachno to look forward to... another time :-)