Thursday, September 18, 2008

Woburn Surf

After a few minutes comparing the diddy LED's of our "bling kings", dusk started to fall and we headed off to Woburn via a swift crank down the Grand Union canal.

The Danesborough climb is still a shock to the lungs (not to mention the legs) and after a brief gasp to regroup at the top we slithered our way over to the jump arena with our knobblies surfing the dry crests of sand.

After a couple of switchback runs into the bowl we hit the deep g-out where Rob and I were left waiting through the trees on the "other side". Only to discover that R2 had stalled and caused Uphilla a lickle tumble behind :p To be fair this was R2's 1st taste of the woods and it's still gotta be handful even with his monster lumen count.

Across the road to Fullers Earth and the sheep dip descent was fast'n'furious - damn the trails are good at the mo. I then hooked the posse into a set of curves they've not ridden before and I was glad to see the ol'hands recognised the inclusion - drip feedin' keeps 'em keen ;)

Back across the road and at the bottom of the bypass climb I met two riders coming down the hill, which ended in a clash of knobblies! No matter which way I turned the other rider went ,so I dived into a gully feelin' sure he'd ride around and past. But oh no, he piled into the gully with me - doh ! After a brief hello, forehead slappin' and comedy gear re-starts the singing wheel was despatched and we headed for what has gotta now be named the "blind alley". The descent to Longslade Lane is mighty overgrown and requires a blunderin' attitude to clear - fortunately I "do" blunderin !

Munchin' an energy bar or two the Rob's compared their L&M Stella (Rob) and AyUp (R2) which both cast an impressive light given their diminutive size. Neither impress on paper but when eye ballin' the output next to a L&M HID they both offer similiar output and as they're so small (the AyUp are bonkers diddy) they're defo the way forward.

The full length of rooty climb followed and some odd wailin' in the darkness kept me crankin' a pace and before too long we headed back to stumpy and the twister behind Woburn Sands. Last night the curves were a perfect blend of speed coupled with a lickle slip'n'slide to keep you on your spd's :D

Back at the road we tallied up and most of us had a nap in the rooty darkness, but it's all part of the fun/challenge and entertainment of your buddies :p

A steady crank around Caldecotte and back up the Ouzel valley soon has up back at the trail head with an honest 20+ miles covered in what seemed like no time at all. Back at the ranch, Chippy had a chilli and some spuds bakin' which the posse soon gulped down - thanks babe.

Right when/where's the next group night ride chuckle gonna be ?

Posse; Dozer (Canyon ES), Farqui (5Spot), R2 (Canyon Nerve), Rob (Flux), Uphilla (ElSalty)
Weather; Dry, cool, breezeless - darn near perfect
Mechanicals; None
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dahnhilla said...

Love night riding, it's great fun - makes even the simplest thing a surprise when you hit it!

Sounds like a good laugh, this is what MTB is about!

Farqui said...

Toons spotted a relevant thread over on STW.

dahnhilla said...

Haha, sounds fun. Gonna have to get my lights fixed and join you!

Farqui said...

Oh yes, t'was a peach of a blat.

The "startled bunny" antics of OldGit defo added to the mix :p

Rob#2 said...

Perfect night for riding. That 'hill' looks impressive on the track log. Somehow I'm looking forward to riding it agian!

As for the next ride maybe we should give my patch a try. The recent dry weather may have helped considerably. I'll test ride at the weekend and if it looks encouraging, I'll propose some dates week starting 29th Sept....