Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Toons Does It Again

Our northern pal has gone and acquired himself another beauty.



toons said...

We rode Dalbeattie last Saturday in the pouring rain; the bike rides very similar to the 5 Spot (maybe even a better climber) and it’s just awesome on the downhills, I’m making good use of The Ones now ;-)

Also it’s lighter than my Spot!!



Dan Howell said...

I dunno; and they say it's grim up north :D

Farqui said...

Your weight seems surprisingly sprightly especially as you're running a GD seat post.

Didn't you mention a spell when the RFX and 5Spot were quite similar in weight ?

toons said...

5spot was 29.12 and the RFX 29.07

I’ll upload a photo on flickr later.

The new fork is lighter than the Pike!!

Farqui said...

Yup those 36's have really shed their excess lbs. They have new damping now too right ? - will be interested to hear how they fair compared to the Pike on your 5Spot.

toons said...

The forks were awesome.

If I could get 36 Float's with 140mm of travel, I'd stick some on the spot as well.

dahnhilla said...

Front end looks slacker than a slack thing that has been stretched to get added slackness.

Looks nice tho, and glad you're getting good use of those brakes, love mine and I'll be putting them to good use for the next two weeks out in france.