Saturday, August 02, 2008

Sleepless In The Saddle (SITS) 2008 9/10th August

Yup. Your resident downhill, dangerous nutcase has gone and agreed to take part in SITS 2008.

Some of you maybe aware of a rouge MTB forum, known as "UKMB" or UK Mountainbiking. The site was formed when Future Publishing decided to kill the MBUK forum, and merge into one uber pit of drivel that is www.bikeg* then decide to sack the people who'd been voluntarily running it for years.

Anyway, the forum decided to get a few teams together to enter the enduro races this year, unfortunately one of the team bust his arm a few weeks ago, and I bravely (read stupidly) decided to step in.

So, in preparation for this event (24 hour race, no less)

I have set myself a grueling training regime.

So far I have managed to ride zero times a week and continue eating crap. My hopes are high!

I plan on modding the meta into an uber XC machine as the rear sus should hopefully iron out the bumps and keep me going for longer.

Will post progress as I go :)

Full press release on the event, here


Farqui said...

Cripes you really are a sucker for punishment.

How'd you get on ?