Friday, June 20, 2008

Inspirational Footage

I've never really been a fan of MTB related films as the one's I've seen have been been quite cheesy and/or dull. That all changed last night when I clocked a couple of recent releases.

The blurb reads "...captures Scotland's stunning landscape, the spirit of the place and of the people. Featuring reigning Junior World Downhill Champion, Ruaraidh Cunningham and trials phenomenon, Daniel Macaskill, Home is a must see for bike fans and film fans alike.". The footage is great, the trials segment is amazing and as it uses Scottish trails it's great to see sections you may have ridden.

Is the latest release from TheCollective, following top riders throughout a years riding. The scenery is breath taking, the slow-mo's are awesome and the footage is truly inspirational.

Both are well worth a look-see if you get the chance.


uphilla said...

Farqui kindly passed these on to me. Have watched HOME so far - amazed by the Trials rider and great to see how experienced rider just float over trails that would have most of use stuttering....