Monday, May 12, 2008

Why I bought my Giant XTC now I can post.


The bloke at the shop said it was the best thing about for £500 and I hadn't a clue!


It has 2 wheels, one in the front and one in the back, then there are a couple of shiny rough things near the middle that have a band (not like Dire Straits) that goes around them that if you stand on the steps they go round.
Then there are things called breaks (not like when a drugged up hoodlum steals your telly) but flying saucers that magically stop you!
And it has forks (not like eating take away stuff!) but spongy things that sponge in and out! Not to be cofused with the rolly things that have spongy things at both ends that the girls ride.
So thats pretty much mountain biking!


Yes you do them!


The lunatics you ride with and that weird bloke from down south wqho services my Rolly thing evey time i go but prefers horses! Funny old world!


Farqui said...

Welcome back mrTango, you looon :p

dozer said...

The scary things are:
He’s not joking.
2 years later and he still doesn’t know what the bits do.

He doesn’t care, he just rides, eats, drinks and takes the piss out of the techno freaks :-)

Le Blaireau said...


Darren said...

That's the first review I've ever read that makes sense. Nice one!

Farqui said...


dahnhilla said...


Pix or id didn't happen!!! C'mon, you should know the internetz rules!

baggy said...

wheres my thongs farqui? you mother hubaard!

Farqui said...

You mean "flip flops" right.

Not where "you" left 'em ;-)

Instead they're festerin' in our garage.

Email me your address and we'll have the royal snail return 'em to ya's.