Thursday, May 01, 2008

Chain Lube - Purple Extreme

After spending many years using Finish Line XC wet lube I got fed up with it's magnetic like qualities for keeping hold of grit, especially the sand of my local trails. It also has a nasty habit of causing the dreaded chain suck in the rain, almost like the lube washes off after a few damp miles. I've never got on with their dry summer lube either.

Many moons ago I tried a wax based lube and found that the links got clogged up...I suspect I was over applying the stuff.

I then decided to give T9 Boeshield a try after getting recommendations from our stateside pal, Chaybo. This dry lube is much thinner than a wet'un and doesn't attract grit anywhere near as well :thumbu However I didn't find it so good in the wet with light rusting of the links and chains wearing out/stretching quicker.

So last year I changed again, this time opting to try the "lube of the moment" Purple Extreme, which has performed well over a winters worth of crankin'. It's another runny lube and applying a couple of coats (leaving each to dry) are recommended. Once dry it leaves a light waxy feelin' and after many miles of sandy, wet, dry and rocky trails the chain repels dirt with hardly any of the destructive grit lingerin' around. What little dirt adheres can easily be wiped off with a rag and the smooth feelin' links can then just be re-lubed without the mandatory chain bath of a wet lube. It also hands on well in the wet too - as seen on last Sunday's damp'n'gritty blat.

The manufacturers claim of 400miles between applications hasn't been realised (even on my commuter) but it does go a long way before the chain starts making itself vocal.

As with all dry/light lubes they aren't as quiet as chains that have been doused in motor oil but I'm happy to ignore a little mechanical noise if my chain is easier to clean and lasts longer. So I'll be keeping this colourful bottle in my toolkit for a while longer :)


toons said...

I concur, I love the purple extreme.

I've probably got about 4 rides in over the winter, before needing to re-lube.

uphilla said...

My experience is different I'm afraid - followed the instructions exactly and still had a rusty chain after one wet ride.
Progold Prolink was recommended to me and seems to work well - also available in handy little syringe type applicators for cables etc.

Farqui said...

I believe Uphilla was even using the same SRAM chain as I. Oh well, what works for one, may not for another...

Linky thingy for the ProLink ProGold chain lube.