Monday, March 10, 2008


On the 4th November 2007 had a little fall from my horse, landing oddly, my left boot seemed to stick the the ground and I spun round on it, something had to give and it turned out that was my tibia and the muscles across the top of my knee.

This is what it looked like 6 weeks later, for those with knowledge of such things this is a CTI scan, they let me play with the machine in the hospital, it shows brilliant 3D images, the detail is amazing and totally belied by this rubbish scan. In case you can't see it the break is vertically down from the tibial plateau on the right hand side of the picture.

Anyway, after 7 weeks it became clear that I had at least another 4 months in a cast and drastic action was required. I switched from the good old NHS who had done a sterling job if a little conservative up to then.

Spire Harpenden had a rather different approach that looked like this, a couple of 3 inch self tappers to hold it all together.
I was walking again 2 weeks later and at the time of writing this 20 weeks later I am about 90% recovered just with a little pain, especially in the cold and some hard to shift flab but perhaps that's not related? For some strange reason I am not able to pedal standing up, I don't really know why, my leg just doesn't seem to be able to make the movement anymore.

The pins will come out again probably late in 2007, and the other question everyone asks, no, the horse has not gone for pies, look at his little face, how could I?

Of course the pins are XTR, I would have nothing less, they are Ti, my health insurance wouldn't quite stretch to the carbon fibre version but I can slum it I guess.

The most disappointing part of the whole experience is the fact that the accident was totally undramatic, I have rarely had such a soft fall, landing cleanly on my feet. It just goes to show there's a random element to any accident and when I fell 15ft out of a tree the other day with only bruises I went straight to the shop and got a lottery ticket hoping that the luck virus (dwarfers will know what I mean) had not yet worn off, sadly it had.