Friday, December 21, 2007

Santa calls Early

Hello Dudes

I managed to bag a very good deal on one of the 250 sets of Formula 'The One Greg Minnaar limited edition brakes' (probably coz he’s left to join Santa Cruz who use Avid).

Here’s the Formula speal:
The one GM Ltd edition features high polish finish on the MC and calliper bodies, fancy laser etched logos, CNC alloy FCS adjuster (stroke adjust), external reach adjust and a flip-flop MC. The forged one – piece calliper features a patented cap, which gives a much more compact aspect too!

There was even a Christmas Card in the box!

Sorry no test ride yet.

My Rockshox Pike was way overdue a service; so I sent it to TF Tuned for some TLC.

· Stripped, cleaned & reassembled
· Full Service
· Fitted PUSH Forx factory tuning upgrade kit
· Replaced oil in Motion Control system

New parts fitted
· PUSH factory upgrade
· Samurai wiper seals
· Oil Seal
· Foam below Samurai seals
· Air piston O-rings

They did find some corrosion of the lowers; this was caused by water contamination. TF Tuned reckon they’re ok.

They did include couple tips on the Service sheet
· When adjusting the negative pressure, tip the bike upside-down to prevent the assembly lube from entering your pump and giving false reading.
· After cleaning, apply a few drops of Teflon-based lube on the upper tubes above the seals, push up & down a few times and wipe off the excess (make sure you don’t get it near your rotors)

Also I’ve gone tubeless; I fitted DT Swiss tubeless kit to the 5.1 rims. I’m running a Larsen TT ust on the rear and Nobby Nic on the front, so far they’ve held up fine!!

Sorry about the photos, I'm blaming the light levels ;-)

Have a good Christmas\New Year and hopefully I'll see you on the trails next year



Farqui said...

Excellent, isn't it amazing that Santa knows just what you want ;-)

Where to begin ? Having fiddled with Dozer's Formula stoppers I can see that they've packed loads a useful features into a very small package. What are the two gold adjusters on the lever about - FCS and an OTT reach adjuster ?

Aw man, you've Pushed your RS - I want a ride report NOW ! :p Are the "Samurai" seals part of the Push package or are they an Enduro Fork Seals mod ?

A-ha, you've finally taken the plunge with tubeless - you'll not be disappointed.

Happy Holidays, Farq's

dahnhilla said...

Having used those brakes, they are bloomin' awesome! Wouldn't mind some for the Gemini but overkill for anything else!

FCS - Feeling control system: it's like the system on the Avid's and Magura's that enable you to adjust the bite point independently of reach - they've improved the adjuster a lot since the Oro's plastic affair.

You must have been a very, very good boy this year!!!! V nice bike parts, have to say my chrimbo is lacking in bike stuff - guess I've bought it all myself!

Be very interested to see how the Push kit pans out - have got some Pikes and wary of the spiking so wandered if this would get rid - I've heard it's a system that doesn't feel great in the car park, and only works on the trail?

toons said...

Not sure about the samurai seals, I’ll ask the question.

I'm chomping at the bit to get out and ride. But currently house bound by Xmas, New Year and a teething child.

Will post a ride report ASAP

Michael Auchenberg said...

How are the tubeless holding?
Im looking for some reviews, and simply cant find some..

how are your experiences with the tubeless kit?


toons said...

I've had no problems in the past year with the tubeless setup.

The rear is still holding air after a year!! and the front drops about 10-20psi every 3 or 4 weeks.

I do need a new front tire.

I'm just about to do another set of wheels, but this time with Stans rims & their yellow tape.