Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More Travel Please

Earlier this week I popped apart the Reba on my Canyon and whipped out the 15mm spacer that now boosts the front travel to match the rear (115mm). The instructions suggest oil as an internal lube (compression side) but the factory seem to have used grease - so I'm hoping the re-assembled unit will perform even better than before.

I just swapped out my original 5Spot rockers for the new 5.5" units that adorn the latest California rigs. This has propped up the bottom bracket by half an inch to 13.75" and it'll be interesting to see how it rides now with the 140mm Pike up front (130mm is the recommended front bouncer). Climbing should improve and I'm keen to see how they cope with twisty and DH, Toons seems to like 'em after switchin' from his longer travel Push rockers. I'm also hopin' that the longer rockers will release a little extra travel from the Push'd RP3 that's been a little taught since applying the Colorado mod.

So I guess I've been on a quest to increase those all important inches :p

I've not test ridden since tweakin' but I'll report back as soon as, oh and post some pic's ;-)


toons said...

The 5.5 rockers transformed my bike; I’m very happy.

Have you got any photo's of them fitted?

Looking forward to the ride report.

Farqui said...

I'm just back from a re-run of Tuesday's ride around Woburn Heath and the longer rockers do seem to have improved the ride - not that it was bad on the oem rockers. The "lights out" climb seemed easier with less forward saddle action to keep the front down.

I reckon single-track turns are now dispatched faster and I guess the front is more nailed as there wasn't much front wheel drift amongst all the gloop.

If these longer rockers restore the 5Spot to it's original geometry (with a longer bouncer) then I didn't experience a twitchy front end I did yonks ago with the Pace - due to the higher bar position ?

DH's didn't seem to be negatively affected so all in all I'm impressed.

Pic's later (got an airport run to accomplish first).

Farqui said...

I've now had a few days riding the longer Reba and the mod is defo inspiring more confidence in the turns. I guess the weight is now better distributed front to rear.

Testing the stretched bouncer offroad is going to be contentious, 'cos that's where my 5Spot shines.