Friday, November 23, 2007

Coast to Coast (with a twist)

Over the past few months several peeps have expressed an interest in doing something a little different, with mentions of the Coast to Coast, s.Downs, Isle of Wight and even "bothies" :O

I've regularly pondered the usual C2C challenge (St Bees to Teeside) but have been put off by the uninspiring destinations (apologies to anyone who lives there!) and the fact that the popular variations all make use roads/lanes. However, I've just stumbled across a splendid variation offered by that has really got my juices flowing;

Yes folks you read that right - "trail centres" :thumbu :D

MB7 summary; This is quite simply the ultimate mountain biking holiday. Join mb7 on the very first coast to coast tour in southern Scotland. Our route begins in Edinburgh as we dip our wheels into the North Sea at the historic port of Leith. 7 days and nearly 200 singletrack-hugging miles later and we dip our wheels in the Irish Sea. With further details here.

Taking in 5 trail centers and starting or finishing in the Scottish capital definitely appeals.

If the dates don't suit, it's too long or guiding options aren't agreeable then we could always try and string something together ourselves.

So what'd'y'all think ?
Pic's by kind permission of MB7


Rob said...

Count me in, oh hang on, legs, er one.... er, bugger that's not enough is it, I bet there's one of those stupid "bipeds only" rules.

If it's next summer then count me in, I have driven some of that area in the past and it's truly awesome.

Rob#2 said...

wow..If I can find the time (enough holiday) I'm interested


Drewson said...

That sounds like a proper C2C, not like the half-hearted Whitehaven to Sunderland route that i've done previously, which is mostly road/pavements or fire/cinder tracks. (Still was pretty tough for 2 days work though!!).

I'd definitely be interested depending on the dates/work/the wife, etc.

Keep me updated...sounds well good.


Farqui said...

MB7 reply..."The route is 95% offroad with only very short minor road sections. I would say many of the highlights of the route are not in the trail centres themselves and it has been carefully researched to take in great wild riding as well as the thrill of the man-made trails. To give you an idea, day 3 begins at the home of the bicycle at Drumlanrig Castle, after riding hand-made trails it cuts over an impressive pass to Ae forest 7stanes trails before following a new forest road out of Ae and down the ‘crooked road’ to Moffat. After that there is one of my favourite rides over an old drove road to Glentress with some great singletrack and a real sense of isolation at times. So there is plenty of good stuff between the trail centres!!!"

This is getting more and more tempting...

dozer said...

Looks good, but there is no chance of me getting a 1 week pass. Enjoy and say hello to the midges from me.
I am still tryiing to get the details for the 65 miles of the Southdowns way (in 1 day). Off road version of L-B, organised by the British Heart Foundation.