Friday, November 09, 2007

Chiltern Wendover Discovery

I've been planning an open invitation ride to give folks a sample of my local trails. I propose a twin loop of the Wendover area taking in some fine Chiltern views with a good mixture of climbs and down hill sections. To add some interest my plan is to time the ride to enable a half light, half dark circuit.

The proposed ride date is Sunday 9th December at approx 3.00pm

A convenient meeting point will be my house. After the ride I suggest we frequent my local which serves very affordable Thai food and local brew.

If you are interested then log a comment ASAP

Proposed route; Tracklog



Farqui said...

Sign me up - after almost a whole wk off my 5Spot (on call) I'm itchin' for a good blat.

Half in the dark eh, righto I'll bring my light saber :p

uphilla said...

Should be able to make it, will be fun to ride in the dark again, will put my Lumi's on to charge now :-)

dozer said...

Sorry, I can't make it I am up in Liverpool that weekend. I have mentioned it to the FNC crowd, I know Darren is hoping to go (Les & Sicknote?). Have a good ride, and Curry :-)

Farqui said...

R2 recently mentioned that he'd be away on business for this and that he was going to re-schedule...