Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Is it Frayday

Over the past few months the front dérailleur on my clunky ol'commuter has been rubbing in the odd gear and this annoyance finally got the better of me last night. Not least 'cos Brumster recently spotted the dodgy looking cable;

How much longer do ya reckon it would have lasted ?

I expected it to go weeks ago but it's hung in there surprisingly well. The FD has a surprising amount of "play" but still works fine for roadie type duties.

Now it's not that I don't like my heavy and uncomfortable hard tail, it's just that I'd rather spend time and hard earned on our off road rigs. Provided Claud gets me to/from work then it's job is done. The bottom bracket is on it's way out too but that'll have to wait ;)


Dan Howell said...

Is this a competition?
What does the winner get?

I'll go for "2 weeks" :)

Farqui said...

Competition ? - yeah ok then. The prize is one of the free danish pastries beside MrsDozer. Although after 2wks it your "pud" might be a bit stale :p

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