Thursday, August 16, 2007

Woburn Wetness

Last night three tough, intrepid (aka daft) members of the posse met up at Woburn for an evenings fun and frolic's. The rain had been fairly constant during the afternoon and even though the skies were brightening the moisture continued to fall.

Uphilla and Farqui cycled from CMK but as usual Rob still hasn't perfected his time machine and met us cowering for cover at the church atop the Bow Brickhill road climb.

Edging our way into the woods we found the trails surprisingly fast and fortunately not too damp. A typical route through the fun bits ensued and we even spotted a few other crazy bikers cranking off into the distance. It wasn't long before the sand soon made itself known amidst our now crunchin' drivetrain's and scrubbin' brakes.

Coming into the jump arena, at the end of the steep x-camber drop, Rob hesitated on the subsequent jump and dismounted on the wrong side, falling down an 8ft drop. Once he'd extracted himself from the brambles (ouch) he'd only suffered a few scrapes and bruises.

As Uphilla wrestled with a reluctant drivetrain we managed to get separated up the "singing wheel" but soon re-grouped after a call on the mobely. By now the light was fading and the over grown and soggy undergrowth made some sections un-rideable without loosing an eye.

Uphilla and I managed a fairly well formation descent of "lights out" (Danesborough hill) as only one of us had sufficient candle power. Whilst waiting at the road we began to wonder if Rob had made it down in one piece but soon popped out of the woods bemoaning his stoppers or acute lack thereof. Leaving Rob to winch his way up to Dennis we headed back towards the trailhead.

Thankfully the rain wasn't too heavy but after 3hrs we were starting to go wrinkly and the dry ride back dried us out a little. A hot shower was very welcome and even better was the steaming beef stew dinner Chipmunk had on the boil, well done luv.

Sorry, no pic's and the tracklog is one we're all familiar with.

Posse; Farqui (5Spot), Rob (Flux), Uphilla(FSR)
Weather; Wetter than is sensible for a ride :p
Mechanicals; Rob's lack of brake material somehow seemed to slow him down !


uphilla said...

Was a fun ride, thanks, not wet enough to mark us completely insane,(not compared with that wet day we spent at Cannock anyway!). There were certainly plenty of dogs being walked - I thought one took a particular fancy to Rob!
It was interesting to get back on the FSR, it worked well with increased front travel, but also made me value the 5-Spot.
Need to take some cutters next time! (Dozer?) Parts were very overgrown.
Very spoilt by the post ride facilities at Chez Farqui! Thanks Chipmunk!

Farqui said...

Oh yeah that Cannock ride was soooo wet, we got thru all our pads too as I remember.

Darn you're jammy having so many off roaders to choose from. You keep threatening to reduce your fleet but I can understand why you keep 'em :thumbu

I was surprised at just how over grown some sections had become, I even missed out the worst buts !

You're quite welcome to hospitality mister, it was the least I could do for you turning out regardless of the weather.

So where are we riding next Weds ? DDave thought his shifts would allow him along. Talking of which, I'm not sure when I'm next back on call :(

uphilla said...

Could explore Harlestone Firs and surroundings - A428 just North of Northampton near Althorpe?? The Firs is popular locally, trails head out towards Brampton Valley Way and Pitsford.