Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Yesterday evening a few of the posse hooked up and knobbled an XC route that straddled the UK's #1 autobahn. The weather was darn near perfect for our chosen summers evening blat and our knobblies were soon searching for dirt.

Dozer's guided tour of the Greensands Ridge has us negotiate the hard packed boundary's of many a freshly ploughed field. XC was the name of this eve's game and the mix of bridleways, roads, fields, damp river bottoms and woodland didn't disappoint.

Arriving at Millbrook opened up the DH possibilities which soon had the flies wedged between my teeth and eye's watering (I forgot my shades). Steep descents and heavy braking into tight turns had the grin widen, contributing to the protein intake.

With the sun receding our early(ish) start was justified as we rolled back to Dozer's at dusk.

Thanx to all for a great ride.

During the ride all pondered Uphilla's new purchase, a Gravity Dropper and I was slightly sad it wasn't used and that the rider didn't demonstrate he awesome riding trickx ;)

Posse; Dozer (Endozer), Farq's (5Spot), Les (Spesh h/tail), Uphilla (5Spot)
Mechanicals; Les - puncture


Farqui said...

Oh and big prop's to Uphilla for recording the route.

uphilla said...

Excellent ride, thanks Dozer!!
The pace and distance were testing and left me struggling to keep up at times, (Too many Cornish pasties last week!).
You are fortunate to have some good trails on your doorstep, unlike Northants.
Gravity Dropper is probably wasted on me, though suspect it may get some use at Afan.

dozer said...

Glad you enjoyed our XC route. It's one we do every couple of months all year round (in the winter we tend to go by road to Tingreth). The ground conditions were interesting, the winter muddy buts were hard and fast and the quick winter sandy patches were too dry and a handful, the section through the 'CP' woods is normally fast. Farqui, you forgot to mention that you nearly fell off on an XC route :-) Thanks to CR for their DR Sludge tubes, I pulled out a few thorns while Les was fixing his puncture and they sealed straight away.
That was only the 3rd time I had done the extra loop around Millbrook, so I am still learning how fast you can go :-)