Tuesday, July 03, 2007

MBR Chilterns Killer Loop - Again!

I have kept missing Uphilla's Chilterns Loop and was determined to give it a go now summer is here! :-) Have a look at previous Blogs for details. If anyone else is interested Uphilla and myself are going to give it ago on Sunday 22nd July, morning start. Just let either Uphilla or myself know if you are coming.
I'll have a word with the FNC crowd and an old friend of mine that lives quite local to that area.


Rob said...

I'm in assuming I can get a baby sitter. Might bring Stephen if he feels like giving it a go.

Any idea on start time? I would need to finish by lunch but I can peel off at a suitable point.

uphilla said...

10 would seem a good start time,(About 1 hour journey to start), route takes around 3 hours allowing for breaks. There is a natural escape route if Rob wants to leave early. Excellent pub stop about 2/3rds of the way round.

Farqui said...

Full size pic here.

uphilla said...

I have an additional bit that can be added to avoid some of the road half way round, depends on weather and how energetic people are feeling :-)