Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Dozer's Ridge Ride

Hi All,

Anyone fancy having a go at this ride (sort of planned last year), after work on Tuesday (26/6). The route is not quite as shown but close enough to give you an idea. Up and down the ridge to the North of Luton, you will have done bits before. We are doing the route while we have the long days, but we will still need to take lights as a precaution. If anyone gets tired we are never that far from base.

I'll try and plot the correct route with Farqs on Thursday.

Start point will be Dozers house 18.00

Watch out for the thorns :-), not been to bad this year, but I am slimed.

Posse: Dozer & Sicknote,
Possibbles: Darren & Farqui + Anyone else?
NB Date just changed from Wed to Tues (in case you looked earlier)


dozer said...

Postponed for a week or so. Some of the tracks will be very tricky and not the conditions for doing big mileage. A few of us are still going out but for a short loop, on the better tracks :-)