Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cannock - Thursday 28th June

Thinking of giving myself a day off and heading up to Cannock next week. Promised to show a keen youngster from the Midlands the loop we did a while back - maybe with some extra bits.
If anyone else can take the day off please join us.


Farqui said...

I'll be flat out at work this week as we're off Espanol the wk after. So I'm afraid I'll have to skip this "cheeky" ride and I do so like the cheeky ones :p

Farqui said...

How'd you get on yesterday ?

uphilla said...

Despite the terrible rain earlier this week, conditions at Cannock were just great.
Met up with Francis on his Gary Fisher Marlin, he had travelled up by train from Stourbridge. I had promised to show him the bits I know as he had got lost last time he visited.
Francis's chain broke early on, which was a blessing as I was able to pop back to Swinnertons for a Power-Link. Glad it did not go at Milford! Would have been a long walk and not many folk about on a weekday!
WE basically followed the route done a couple of times now, but without the GPS we would not have found parts of it this time because they were so well hidden by bracken.
Weather was good to us, no further mishaps, a really good ride!
A few new 'Tweaks' to my 5-spot were tested. The main one was a single run rear cable which produced perfect changes for the first time! The Holy Grail has been found at last! Also had picked up some of the latest XTR shifters S/H, not quite got used to the extra features, but instantly liked them.
More about the above later. I hope.