Monday, June 04, 2007

7 Stanes Videos

Hello Dudes

I found this web page LINK full of 7 Stanes Videos, whilst browsing the MTB Britain Forum:

Dalbeattie - "The Slab"
Dalbeattie - "Log On Log Off"
Dalbeattie - Black graded log / rock section
Dalbeattie - "Eye of the Needle"
Dalbeattie - "The Terrible Twins"
Glentress - "Spooky Wood"
Ae - "Granny Green Luv"
Ae - "The Omega Man"

Plus many more

These riders make it look very very easy!



uphilla said...

Great Videos! Now the midge bites have healed and I've caught up on sleep,Make me want to go back right now. I'm sure we are all capable of doing those 'tricky' bits, it is just getting over the mental block, and strapping on some armour ;-)

Farqui said...

Indeed, a great find there Toons.

Although they don't make those difficult sections look nearly as nasty.

Next time I'm up that way, I'll remember to bring my "bottle" ;-)