Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Afan Sept'07 ?

After our recent brilliant trip north of the border, I'm now fired up to arrange the next Knobblies wkend away. It seems that most of you are keen to make another pilgrimage to south Wales, not that I can blame you - the riding is tip top and the only trouble with the trails is choosing which one :p However, I'm open to suggestions so speak up if you'd like to arrange a different location.

I've taken the liberty of assuming we'll be making our annual, September pilgrimage to Bryn Bettws cabins and have updated our online spreadsheet to show their availability.

Update; We've now agreed that to hit s.Wales over the last wkend of September (Friday 28th thru Monday 1st October), x2 cabins are reserved, a £20 deposit will secure your place.


uphilla said...

Great! I am up for this for sure. Would like to ride the July Trail and White's Level again for sure, plus any of the others. Most dates should be OK, but will check and get back to you asap.

Anonymous said...

Sicknote here.... Great! I am also up for this. Most dates should be OK, I too will check and get back to you asap.

Farqui said...

DDave and Rob have also expressed their interest, making x5. I've updated the xls with what info has been supplied.

The last wkend of Sept looks like a good possibility. Does anyone object ?

Darren said...

You can count me in for sure, I'm easy with the dates except around the weekend of the 9th just let me know.

uphilla said...

Last week of September is good with me, just need to book something in the diary.

Farqui said...

The owners have just confirmed that all the cabins are available during last wkend of September.

I'll get a cheque sent off to reserve two and to confirm your place hit me with a £20 deposit.

Posse x7; Uphilla, Rob, Dozer, Darren, Chris, Jenni, Farqui

Tentative x3; Sicknote, DDave & mrsDDave

Damn I'm looking forward to this.

Farqui said...

Righto folks we have a confirmed posse and x2 overflowing cabins;

Dozer, Sicknote, Les, Darren
Rob, R2D2
Uphilla, DDave
Chris, Jenni

...the owners are happy to charge a small xcess to be a body over their x5 limit per cabin.

None of the other cabins are available.

I understand that the last of the deposits are on route so to fix your final payment can you let me know how many nights you'll be staying ?

Thanx, Farq's