Wednesday, May 02, 2007

7Stanes - Are You Ready ?

Posse, if you've not counting down the days in your diary then we're less than two weeks away from another weekend of some serious knobbly fun.

Dosh; Thanks to all those peeps that have settled their balances, my bank account is breathing a sigh of relief. Those of you that haven't paid you'll be sleeping under the stars :p If you missed my last update, we've managed to fill both cabins on the Saturday night - that's 16 bodies...eek.

The updated, on-line Cost/Ride Info spreadsheet can be found here.

Keys; With regard to the cabins, I've received confirmation from the owners and they'd like someone to arrive and collect the keys between 16:00 and 18:00 on Friday 11th. Chipmunk and I will be setting off at around 14:00 and given the Friday traffic I doubt we'll arrive before 18:00. Therefore, I be calling around y'all to see if anyone is likely to get there before 6pm otherwise I'll need to make alternative arrangements.

Cabin directions are; ...from Dumfries take the A710 (signposted Solway Coast). After approx 18miles you will drop down to the crossroads at Sandyhills (there is a car park on the left). Turn right here and in about 400 yards turn right into Barend Holiday Village and follow signs to reception.

Cabin website; Thistle Lodges.

Food/Beer; You know the drill by now so this time I'm opting for a "fend for yourselves or go hungry/thirsty" approach. I've no idea what facilities are nearby so you'd be advised to arrive with more than just a single Mars bar ;)

Routes; Toons, our northern rep, has provided us with some useful guidance for which trails to ride and when - see the spreadsheet link above. Cheers pal, let's hope you've made the right choices and that the posse don't "revolt" on ya's ;-)

See ya's there folks...


Farqui said...

Arrival times;Chekov/Jenni are hoping to arrive early Friday morning for some early wkend knobbly action.

Roger/Mark, Darren/Les are likely to arrive early afternoon.

Uphilla/DDave will arrive late evening. While the rest of us are likely to land early evening.

The early arrivals will endeavor to grab the keys between 4-6pm from Bare End Holiday village reception.

Sleeping arrangements will be discussed once the majority have arrived. Couples will naturally get the doubles and the Brumster's room is gonna be real cosy with Bex, baby and pooch...

I wish you all safe journeys, see's you there.

Dan Howell said...

Well, another great weekend, thankyou Lee for organising!

The drive up there was abysmal but once there we have glorious weather. Saturday was "hardtail" day for me, and I ventured out on the new Merlin round Kirroughtree - which was interesting, but didn't do it for me as a whole. A couple of trails were good fun but otherwise it was too technical and stop/starty for my abilities, and I never got a flow going and just stopped enjoying it after a while.

Sundy and Monday were much better as we visited Dalbeattie (and I went fully sprung on the Trek). Facilities not as good at the trail head but the trails themselves were much better - a nice balance of swoopy fun stuff and technical, with pretty much all the climbing done on fireroads. Loved it ;)