Monday, April 02, 2007

Dalbeattie - New Black Section 'Log on Log off'

Hello Dudes

I was up at Dalbeattie last Saturday and the new sections are quality.

They've added loads of new singletrack, mostly at the start and end (replaces dull fire track). Also there's a 3 or 4 new black sections towards the end and two granite wall rides!!

Here's a new black feature called 'Log on Log off'.

Log On!

Log Off !!

They've kindly slightly offset the second skinny, after the drop off!!

Also on the Red, there's the longest skinny I've ever seen, plus it's not that high, which is a bonus.



Farqui said...

Hang on a mo, Dalbeattie backs onto our trip accom. Fan-bloody-tastic.

I could do with trying out some real skinny' just a few inches off the ground :D