Saturday, April 28, 2007

Chilterns Revisited

With all this good weather I have been determined to make the most of it, specially as I hate cleaning my bike!

It was a toss up between Cannock or the Chilterns on Saturday and as DDave had not done the Chilterns we opted for a quick blast down the M40. We were joined for the first time by two other locals, Jon and Al.
It is always worth trying natural trails at different times of year as they can completely change in character, this was so true on Saturday, you may remember that last time we went was in November and conditions were good then. This time they were even better, very dry and no slippy leaves. This made those long sweet descents so fast they had our new friends wooping with delight! The bonus was the fab spring scenery with bluebells etc. in full bloom and we almost had the place to ourselves, despite the weather.

Ok, it may not be Wales or Scotland, but at just 1 hours driving away this has to be worth a regular visit. One of the best rides of recent times for me, and with the sun beating down we just had to stop at the 5 Horseshoes for a pint or two on the way, not wanting to get dehydrated ;-) - we somehow managed to resist the amazing food served there, (note to go back another time!).

Posse: Al (S-Works Epic); Ddave (SC Chameleon HT); Jon (Stumpy FSR XL!); Uphilla (5-Spot)

Route: Tracklog

Weather: Perfect!

Mechanicals: None

P.S. LX brakes now seem sorted, bought some fibrax sintered pads, bedded them in before the ride and now much more confident that they will stop me.


dahnhilla said...

Mint ride dad, really enjoyed it, apart from the SPD fear factor!!! (Shhh I didn't say anything about spuds!) Proves there doesn't need to be rock gardens and jumps to make it a good ride! Our new pals were mentalists riding without helmets, but didn't half go for it!!!!

Farqui said...

I'm sorry that I couldn't join you fella's but Rob highlighted the dangers of riding with a duff front wheel, so i was sidelined.

The weather was good and knowing the route, I can imagine that y'all had a blast.

Uphilla, glad to hear that some new pads improved your stoppers - old pads need throwing away.

uphilla said...

Just checked my Garmin Data and find we hit 30 mph in places on the downhills - fatest I have been off road to date!
In the garage, my rear tyre is flat, how considerate to wait until after the ride.:-)