Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Deuter Cross Air

After 3yrs use my old Scott back pack was looking a little tired, although it's still got plenty of life left in it and hasn't totally given up the fight. However a heavy fall at CwmCarn put a small tear in the body of the pack, complimenting a long term scissor nick acquired whilst removing a stubborn label :O Over the years I've found the Scott's 15 litre capacity to be marginal, especially when on a day ride, or with pals and sometimes 2 litres of fluid isn't sufficient in the heat of summer. But I like the thin, vented straps and clever system it uses to lift the bulk of the pack of your back - meaning no damp patches...

Last year, whilst killing a few minutes in Evans, I stumbled across Deuter packs which offered an abundant array of features and had the same "lifted off your back" system that I like so much on my Scott. Anyhow, Santa's little helper was listening and over the holidays the geezer in red left me a nice new blue pack for me to use. It's now been on a good few miles and I'm pleased to report that it's a significant improvement over my old pack. The padded straps are more comfortable although I suspect they'll get a little more sweaty in the summer. The lower pack padding definitely works, which is a good thing 'cos you can really load the puppy up. It's sooo much bigger and doesn't take any arranging to carry copious amounts of tat. Although I initially thought the helmet slot wouldn't be useful, I've started using it more and more - it stops you dropping/bashing your brain bucket, or forgetting it when loading up the car (Ben and Rob take note).

As the pack didn't include a Deuter bladder I can't report on German system, so I'm still a big fan of the reliable Camelbak hydration units - which slots right in :thumbu

So if you're getting fed up with a damp squidgy patch out back (ooher misses) then I can highly recommend the Germanian alternative to the common as muck "humped" in the desert packs ;-)

...from the Deuter website; Put an end to the sweaty back syndrome! This system keeps the backpack from coming in direct contact with the wearer's back. Moist air can freely escape through the three-sided ventilated system preventing heat build-up. Test results from Germany's Hohenstein Research Institute show that the Aircomfort system reduces perspiration up to 25%. Additional padding at the shoulder blades and hip increase the carrying comfort.

MBR recently give the Cross Air 5/5 for performance; A multi-functional backpack in new design with Deuter Advanced Aircomfort back. Details; a new helmet or jacket holder, front pocket, side mesh pockets, internal separation pocket, interior valuables pocket, 3M reflectors, attachment loop for the LED, hydration system compatible.
  • 1,120g
  • 22 litre capacity
  • 48 x 32 x 20cm
  • Ballistic/Super Polytex material
  • Practical front mesh pocket with top strap
  • 2 front pockets for small items
  • 2 mesh side pockets
  • Internal seperation pocket
  • Interior valuables pocket
  • 3M reflectors
  • LED loop
  • Integrated rain cover
  • Superb ventilation with Air Comfort back system
  • Hydration system compatible, will easily accommodate a 3ltr reservoir
  • Hydro hose clip
  • Elasticated sternum stra