Friday, August 25, 2006

Photo Contest Prize - Piximate

A few wks ago, I uploaded a few arty riding pic's to and surprise, surprise we won a prize :o

The parcel arrived yesterday, all the way from Colorado, and it's Argentinian tea...4 different packs of the stuff :huh

Since loosing my appetite for milk, I've not been a great tea drinker but this Piximate stuff is that "healthy, detox" malarkey that doesn't require any white. So last night we gave it a try and it didn't take long for Chipmunk to turn up her snout. I've never rated "flavoured" beverages but much to my surprise, I didn't think it was that bad. We've two more different flavours to try tonight. I'll bring some along to Afan and the posse can decide if the "zip without the zap" or "wallop of wellness" works for them.

I'd like to offer a big thanx to YourMTB and Piximate for yesterdays surprise arrival and we'll see if their products catch on over this side of the pond.

PS: I never thought that Daahnhilla was so photogenic ! :p