Monday, July 17, 2006

Woburn July 16th

A portion of the posse hit an extremely dry and sunny Woburn yesterday with our local guide showing the guys some sweet new sections.

The trails are bone dry out there, very dusty in places and very fast in places. The dust and occassional tree stump or log seemed to catch out a few riders too ;) The new loops seemed to get a thumbs up from the riders, although Dozer seemed unable to stay upright for very long and ducked out halfway around with a dodgy hand/wrist. A steep cross camber final drop into the jump arena played mind games with the following posse but most redeemed themselves on a second attempt :p

The only slight dampener of the day was coming across the Greensands ranger who was collecting monies for the use of the facilities. It's the first time I've come across this in 4yrs, honest guys :blush. For the record it's £2 per visit or £10 for the year, which is quite reasonable.

Brumster brought along his helmet cam which appeared to work well and the only problem seems to be the thumbs of the user :huh Hi-res (75Mb) vid can be downloaded here. With a little fine tuning I'm sure we'll have lots of fun with it.

Although this was no mile munchin ride it was good to get out with some like minded pals on decent trails whilst soaking up some rays.

Post ride, I can highly recommend the award winning Sunday roasts offered by the George Inn at Little Brickhill and their chocolate brownie deserts are simply awesome. Oh and the guiness went down very well too :p

Posse: Brumster, Dozer, Farqui, Les, Uphilla
Weather: roastin
Stats: 12.8miles, 1hr 57mins, average 6.6mph - Tracklogs here
Mechanicals: Brumster's front brake (Hayes) started rubbing but was easily realigned, Les also had some very slight rotor rub but rode on regardless.


Dan Howell said...

Phew that was a-roasting. Just got out of a lovely cold shower and boy did that feel good! Great little 'play day', loved some of the downhill bits especially chasing Farqs down the switch-back style one - great laugh. I think everyone bar Farqs fell foul of some aspect of Woburn at some point, but nothing too major - except for Geoff who took a wonderful slow-mo trip over the bars right in front of me on one section of singletrack, after clonking his bar end on an unsuspecting branch. Shame the helmet cam wasn't strapped on my bonce at that point!

The dust had ground itself into a thick black paste on my chain so I warn everyone to give theirs a good clean tonight (ooer)!

Had a few mishaps with the camera including some black-screen recordings where the power plug fell out, and some accidental rewinds which meant we've missed some choice footage - but at least we learnt this now rather than at Afan later in the year. Les made a great aerial/helicopter cam :)

Videos soon be uploaded to the gallery - Farqs will edit the original post I assume?

uphilla said...

Was this Farqui's revenge for not stopping at the chip shop?? ;-) I came home with more bruises and scars than I can remember from one ride, but boy did I sleep well! Think you might see me with armour on next time!
Seriously, I really enjoyed it and appreciate the time you have taken to sort out the route, it is amazing how different areas can be as the seasons change and this must be the driest ride I have been on for a long time so hardly any cleaning to do :-)

Many thanks!! :-)

Also, worryingly, really enjoyed riding my resurected FSR,it really worked well at Woburn. :-S

Farqui said...

Hehe, not even I came away unscathed - I whacked a big tree stump that was hidding behind some foliage with my shin. Thought I Les did well on his h/tail - he usually gets horizontal around Woburn !

The sand ain't so bad at the moment esp if you use a light summer lube. From the autumn it'll be a different story tho :x

It's a shame we didn't get some of the "offs" on camera, maybe next time...

Uphilla, do you remember when we visited Cannock last Nov-ish - when I struggled to stay upright ? I too was nervous that ride and it showed in my *ahem* "style" ! The mind can play games with ya...

Your re-born FSR looks dandy, although I reckon it's slightly harder work for ya on the knarly bits. But you'll prob'ly be a better rider for it.

It's rides like this that make me realise how lucky I am to have varied and entertaining trails relatively close to home. I'm just sorry that they caught some of ya out.

Farqui said...

Brumsters just uploaded a hi-res vid of one our climbs (orig post updated) or download it directly here.

Dan Howell said...

Yeah, the FSR looked lovely. We should take the time on one ride to "swapsies" (where possible; I appreciate Les might not be suited to some steeds!) and do some comparisons...

...if I can just reserve the 'spots for the climbs, that'll be great ;)

Farqui said...

Trying each others steeds ain't such a bad plan and I won't mind a workout cranking your iron up the hills. Just as long as I get a chance to chuck it back down again :p

Hehe, I still can't get over Les and his "tripod" camera shots - he's huge!

uphilla said...

Happy for anyone to try the FSR, it is old technology now, though, but really surprised me yesterday - I did not notice the lack of travel and felt happier with the 'fit' of the bike than I do on the Turner. The rear lock out proved effective for climbs because the back end does move more than the Turner, but is a fiddle to switch.

Farqui said...

Brumster, is there a chance that you could upload a low-res vid ?

Dan Howell said...

Yeah, I will do when I get back - just rushed one up there on Sunday night before I disappeared...

Rob said...

Come on then Joffers let's see a blog of your "Turner killer" FSR?

Angles? FSR= 70.5, 5Spot=69 deg's?
Top tube FSR=23in 5Spot=22in?
Travel Rear FSR=4in 5Spot=5in
Fork? FSR=? 5Spot=Fox 100RLT?
We need details!!

Is the FSR more lively, must be more direct? Very interested to understand the comparison and why you prefer it, personally I think the FSR is a fine and great value bike but surely no match for the hand crafted excellence of Spotty?

I found the 04 FSR to be fast, efficient, and competant in all areas but a little short on feedback (sort of loose feeling) and with a tendency to lollop on undulating terrain. Unless the rear is pumped right up to 18bar+.

I found it OK on technical stuff, as good as you can expect for most "off the shelf" bikes but requiring a lot of concentration and none but the really brave would tackle steep and rough due to a tendency to stand up on it's nose. It was very similar to my Jekyll in these respects but the Jekyll does not fail to reward you with feedback and brilliant balance.

Does this mean your wanting to join the 4inches good club with me and Dozer? Yes I know his bike is 6in travel, you'd better ask him!

uphilla said...

More stuff on FSR to follow, I afraid I am not into the technical stuff like you so can't help with all the angles/lengths. What I can say is that the FSR is smaller, lower and lighter than the 5-Spot, it has 90mm rear travel, 80mm front, both ends can be locked out. This is fine for less technical trails, but it can never match the Turner on technical trails. S-Works FSR = XC race machine; Turner 5-Spot = "All mountain"

Rob said...

Ah, you never mentioned the S-Works bit, that changes the equation totally, SBC S-Works may resemble their cheaper brethren but share very little in riding experience. I take back all I said.

The SW would be very quick, light and nimble, I can see that. Maybe your 5Spot is set up too much as a compromise, too much overlap with the SW and on FSR territory it will always lose? I mean should you take Spotty more Freeride? It won't be any less rideable but would be much more fun on the rough and gnarly?

Then you would have 2 different bikes for different conditions and terrain. This is how I intend to rebuild and use my jekyll.

Have you tried a 135/150 fork in Spotty? I have a lovely RS Revelation 130mm not in it's frame yet you can have a try with if you like?

Farqui said...

I can defo report good vibes running a fork longer than the recommended 130mm on my 5-er. It's mucho fun, still climbs well and I'm sure that the extra travel helps with my clumsy riding style :p Many of the Homers (over on MTBR) also give favourable reports of a longer bouncer up front. 130mm just didn't feel right for me.

I'm still keen to try a burly Pike up front...

uphilla said...

Think I might suffer from Vertigo if I fitted a longer fork on the Turner :-)
Rob, you are right about building the two bikes more specifically, but just having more than one bike is a bit of an indulgence, so it is unlikely to happen. Will just enjoy the FSR from time to time and hope that one of the children decides to give it a try one day...

Rob said...

Fair enough, maybe when LeePee get's his Pike on his Spotty you can give it a try? Even if you don't change yours it would be very interesting to know what you think?

You've given me renewed enthusiasm to get my Jekyll back on the gnarls and I'm more convinced than ever that it would be a great freerider to complement my flux and F1000.

You're right about the indulgence bit but you should always take the time to indulge the ones you love!