Thursday, July 13, 2006

Sunrace Bling Cassette

Sunrace JuJu 9 Speed Pro Level Competition Series Cassette


  • Titanium Nitride Coating or Satin Finish
  • Shimano Compatible
  • Aluminum Spider
  • All Steel Rings
  • Patented Super Fluid Drive> Shifting Ramps
  • Weight - 11-34 285 grams 11-32 275 grams

MZ 9-speed cassette cost US$110. It costs more than XT and not even as light! Check out the review on Bike mag "solid shifting" I'm impressed "after six months of torture, the MZ emerged as flashy as it began”


Farqui said...

Eh ? - I've never heard of 'em, must be a yanky company ;) *checks* been around for a while tho.

So the rings are loose and don't sit on a carrier/spyder ? My CK carrier wouldn't take kindly to that - smallest XT's are loose and even when v.tight they still gouge the spines. I've already had the file out on it...

You're right, it does look v.bling - esp. if gold's your thang.

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