Friday, July 14, 2006

New Pace Full Susser

Singletrack have an interesting review of the new Pace RC400 'FreeFloater', as recently tested at the Dalby Forest new trails opening. Checkit out, 'cos we don't see many British fully's released - with the exception of this years glut of new Whyte's.

Much of the geometry seems very similiar to a Turner 5Spot but I've found that small differences on paper reflect as a big different on the trails. It'll be interesting to see how popular this steed becomes, especially amongst the Pace-ites.

Our Yorks based manufacturer have been busy with frame designs recently as it wasn't long ago that they released their new hardtail, the RC303.


Rob said...

Couldn't find owt about it on the Pace webby, you got any pics? Is it sub 5lb? 4in? 24in top tube by any chance.......?

Farqui said...

Yup, I've got pic's but I didn't want to upload 'em here just in case the "copyright" squad swooped in. You should see some if you follow the links (underlined *ahem*).