Thursday, July 20, 2006

Iron Horse

This is our new bike "Kovski", although not as fast as my Turner or Crack 'n' fails he is a bit bigger 15.2hh equates to a Turner Super Extra Large. He does have somewhat more 'kick' than the Turner but this can be avoided by staying away from the back wheels!

I'm just learning to ride, it's good fun once you get familiar with the equipment and have filled it with Carrots and juicy apples, no GT85 required here. This truly is a new steed for me and I recommend this type as great complementary exercise to the Turner, shoulders, back, arms and erectors (either side of belly button from groin upwards and cause of my regular bad back) all get a good workout.


Farqui said...

Now I don't see any knobblies on this...errr "beast" but he/she (I ain't looking too close!) looks like a fine mule.

"It" looks to have a massive bottom bracket clearance :p So you're unlikely to clout your pedals on rocks. Just on cyclists helmets perhaps ;)

How on earth do you go about adjusting the rebound ? :)

I can understand the benefits of "cross training" but don't you have to be careful on a bob-o if you've a bad back ? Fairly recently, Chipmunk quite fancied giving "it" a try but after announcing two slipped disc's it was suggested that she should just spectate.

Rob said...

Hee hee, yes, good clearance, will try the pedal/ head height thing on the irritant mototossers that polute our landscape.

Slipped disc+ horse is near impossible combination, you have to have a flexible lower back. My problem is muscular, weak erectors cause my back muscles to compensate and therefore ache/ hurt quickly. My Doc and physio gave me exercises to strengthen my erectors and the horsey riding is perfect for this. On my bike these muscles are hardly ever used, probably the original cause. I was ok till I gave up swimming.
Also erectors pull your stomach in and stop you looking like you just ate half a whale (dozer this is a simile used for the purposes of exaggeration not an actual practice).

Farqui said...

I'd be interested to hear what excercises your doc/phsyio came up with 'cos my lower back also appears to be soft tissue related.

I've been gently getting back to doing situps (boring) which appear to have helped, a little. But last wk, I tried stretching and am now suffering a bit :( But I get the feeling that I stretched too far, too soon.

Rob said...

This might get a little boring so I apologise in advance.

My condition started with lots of pain and poor mobility. My weak erectors had caused my back muscles to becomes strong but also my brain to attempt to stop it all moving. It all came to a head when the lower section of my spine compacted and would no longer move. If I bent my back the bend started part way up!!

The treatment was a combination of massage, acupuncture, exercises and traction. Initially to break apart the compacted vertebrae (hurts thinking about it) and it actually cracked and banged when the bits came apart. Then removing the muscle knots and chasing the pain away.

All the exercises were tedious, that's why I don't keep them up and my 4 legged bike feels so good.

In my original condition my erectors were so weak I couldn't even isolate them. This causes a jelly or beer belly appearance even when you're not fat.

To test this, put your fingers either side of your belly button about 2 in below and 1in to the side whilst sitting laid back or lying rolled forward. Press firmly then try to lift your groin upwards. Not your hips nor tense your stomach. You can follow the line of the muscle right to the root of your wedding tackle and up till they disapper under your rib cage. These are the muscles that counterbalance your back muscles when you're standing. That's why I can't stand for longer than 10-20 minutes without back pain.

Poor erectors often cause beer belly posture or in tall people they cause height loss as the back winds into an 'S' shape.

So, exercises for poor erectors are sit ups (but mind your back) and leg lifts. Lie down and lift your legs 6in from the ground and hold it, can you do 10 secs? I couldn't do 5, now I can do minutes.

Lying down, roll the knees one at a time to your chest, hold it there (arms flat to floor at 90deg's) for 5 secs then the other one.

Swimming is good so long as you don't swim as if you have 10lb testes and arch your back into the water, you have to keep your head down and your arse up.

Finally, and this is my favourite bit, the best exercise I have found is rigourous sex. The 'thrusting' motion is perfect for exercising the erectors and getting your back moving. I thoroughly recommend it, even if it doesn't cure you're bad back you'll certainly feel better!!

I wonder if I can get my doctor to prescribe a course of intensive treatment?

Oh and Dozer before you ask it's not a solo exercise routine!!

dozer said...

should have bought a mare then!! No wonder the horse kicked you!

And at least my 4" is adjustable to 6" :-)

Rob said...

Nope sorry too obscure for me, "should have bought a mare"?

Yes the adjustable length is a great trick but no-one has ever asked me to shorten mine, I mean you try it once then realise it was better fully extended...

Aaargh I've slipped into Dave Dozer Double Entendre hell......