Monday, January 16, 2006

Brampton Valley Way

Earlier today, Chipmunk & I ventured up to Northampton and decided to try our knobblies on the old disused railway that runs between Northampton to Market Harborough, the Brampton Valley Way. Part of the Sustrans cycle network that straddles Leicestershire and Northants.

We'd had a bash at this a couple of years ago and found that the initial section from Northampton is very busy with pedestrians and train spotters. So this time we started a few miles further north beyond the railway tracks. The track gains altitude gently, is wide, would be fast if it were dry - which it wasn't and is ideal for families.

Our route clocked over 23 miles and to ride it all, both ways, should be over 30miles. Tracklogs available here.

We were surprised by the two very long tunnels and after attempting to cycle through we dismounted as they simply weren't safe to cycle without lights, so onwards we plodded. We'll be back with illumination next time, which'll be a blast. I reckon one of 'em was close to a mile long, certainly 3/4's mile. On the return leg we looped up and over the long tunnel, which was very challenging in the gloopy mud.

If we'd have started earlier then we might have even managed some warm food and a beer in MH but as time was ticking (short day & no lights) we only managed a sandwich from Sainsbury's. I know how to treat a gal !