Sunday, December 11, 2005

Woburn Dec 11th

The MK posse had a quiet wkend with just a short jaunt around Woburn on Sunday.

The ground was still surprisingly slippy even tho it hasn't really rained for a few days. It caught Chipmunk out a little as the front end shimmied down the side of a root. The resulting "catch" meant that her calf took a thump which'll look dandy on Wednesday, peeking below her evening dress at the Woburn Xmas dinner ! I guess it might even be a talking point...

It was good to see that one of the gantry's has been replaced by a longer ladder to straddle the wide muddy gully. Once the ground had become waterlogged a few wks back, the previous shorter "bridge" had a soggy run up which resulted in a surprise, gloopy endo for yours truely. The tempoary logs straddling the entry were just as leathal so I'm pleased with the result as it helps to keep the northerly Danesborough section flowing.

PS: Please excuse the snaps as I only had my phone with me but the sunlight looked so gorgeous that I just had to try and capture it. Brumsters gallery also has a pic of Chipmunk racing off into the distance, but her Trek is so damn fast that I barely got chance to hit the button - so it's a little blurry.