Thursday, December 22, 2005

Les Gets'06

Jan'06 update : Trip Cancelled

Until the Westoning posse get around to posting a suitable Blog about a possible return to Les Gets, I figured we'd best get something online for peeps to get their teeth into.

Rob's proposing a weeks visit, begining 25th June'06. The latest head count had something like 5 or 6 definites, 6 maybe's and 4 cannot's/sobs. It seems that couples might be an option but much depends on the take up.

Checkout the photo's from the '05 trip. The four of 'em travelled by car (15hrs each way) and Dozer estimates the entire trip cost 'em around £500 each all in.

Info about the area can be found at the Les Gets website.

Ps : If the Westoning boys email me some pukka info then I'll update this Blog accordingly. There were also grand ideas about a write up from the '05 trip to wet our appetite and entice more of us out for '06, so stayed tuned folks...


Farqui said...

Add'd approx '05 costs & travel time.

Farqui said...

An email from Rob...

Dear All,

Firstly I’d like to wish you all a happy new year.

I thought I’d email everyone and take a straw pole, some have raised the question of whether return to Les Gets is the best option so we came up with the following 3 possibilities, if you have other alternatives that you’d prefer by all means bung em in for everyone to consider;

Sierra Nevada Spain

Mont Blanc

Les Gets

I have done some cursory investigation and found;

Sierra Nevada

Obviously not driveable, seems an organised bike trip would be sensible, this is a little more expensive than the French resorts where you can DIY but not by much. The cycling is said to be very good, perhaps more rocky than roots and plenty of Cross Country. Accommodation is either in the skiing resorts which are large modern block buildings with little else around or further away (bus ride) in small village houses of 1 or 2 bedrooms each accommodating 2 or 3 each. There doesn’t seem to be the possibility (feel free to correct me) of a large chalet in the foothills that will accommodate us all. The only real cost increase is due to this and having to travel by plane with bikes on an organised bike holiday.

Les Gets

Known to some of us, it’s a typical low alpine area with both cross country and downhill in abundance. The “DIY” option makes it very cheap <£150 each for accommodation easily (£400 each all in last year) and very high standard typical half board with booze supplied is £230 pppw. There is a lot of woodland and much of the riding is in the trees, there is plenty of technical and fast riding. Obviously we can drive to Les Gets or for those that prefer not to endure this torture Geneva is an Easy jet flight from Luton and the transfer is 1 hour and £20. Les Gets is very well set up for summer MTBing. Obviously there is little new for those of us that went last year to discover but this also means local knowledge will get us all going right away. The resort really gets going w/b 24th June when most of the lifts will be open.

Mont Blanc

As you will know this is close to Les Gets but I am told totally different in terrain. The area is must less wooded and very rocky, there are 4 areas of riding, bikes are only allowed up the lower mountain lifts but I assume this still means much greater altitude. It’s only a second hand opinion so if you know better please say but I believe this area is technically harder than Les Gets and perhaps that combined with the rocky terrain would mean we would all need to wear some body armour. Travelling by car is no different as the slightly greater distance is made up by staying on the autoroute longer. Again Flights via Geneva and transfers are no problem but slightly more expensive. There is no cost difference that I can tell between Les gets and Mont Blanc.


We all went last year as beginners, in Les Gets and Sierra Nevada you need only be careful to chose your route and be prepared if necessary to walk some short sections (10-50yds), a full sus bike is preferable but not essential. Disk brakes (or very good v brakes) are essential. There is plentiful supply of bike parts and tools/ expertise, if your bike is serviceable condition it will be fine. Obviously if your fork is tired, service/ replace before you go to avoid a hefty bill. There is no need to be terrified there are hundreds of miles of relaxed and enjoyable riding if you want it. If you want to dress like Darth Vader and chuck yourself bodily off a cliff you can. I for one will be watching only!! Perhaps you will be reassured by the fact that last year our next door neighbour took his 10 year old daughter becky up into the mountains on a hired bike and she had a great time. I can mail you a link to his photo’s if you wanna see her big grin!! Fitness is important but so long as you can manage 10 miles of Xcountry without an iron lung you’ll be fine. Most of the hard work is in your hands arms and shoulders and 95% of the climbing is done in the lifts.


I have also asked around a bit about partners going and found none of the girls want to go on their own understandably, several have said they want to go, Jayne wants to go to do some shopping (dur) some Mtbing (easier stuff) but mostly horse riding. There will be a sunbathing element too when she realises how warm and sunny it really is up there. I don’t think this needs to put off those who will go without partners as we will rent a large chalet with plenty of space for all to do their own thing, you won’t be the only bloke!!

So what do we need to do next?

Email me;

1. a preference of which destination, if you have no preference please say so we will go with the majority rule.
2. a confidence factor (destination dependant if you wish) of whether you will go?
3. is 24th June acceptable for you?
4. Will your partner come along and if so are there other activities of interest?
5. Would you prefer to drive or fly?
6. Any other contribution you want to make?

Whatever you think I would really appreciate if you would respond to this email, if you don’t I will assume you’re out and take you off the list. If you just want to know what’s going on that’s fine just let me know and I’ll keep you informed.

Following all your responses to this I will let you know what the majority opinion is, who’s potentially in, some approximate costs, deposit amount and date, only then will I ask you to commit.

Thanks Rob

Farqui said...

A "final" emails from Rob...

Dear All,

Just to let you know I’m afraid the proposed trip is off for this year at least. However there is popular demand for several slightly less ambitious trips so I’ll keep you posted as they come up.

Sorry if anyone’s put out by this.

Cheers Rob