Saturday, December 24, 2005

Cube AMS Pro ?

At the moment Rob is sniffing around for a new fully and has recently found a review of a Cube AMS Pro in this months edition of MBUK. It's not directly available in the UK (boo) but that then makes it all the more exclusive! (you'd best brush up on your German if you follow the links)

It's geometry has an XC bias and 4" of travel front 'n' rear. The spec looks very respectable with Rockshox bouncers front and back, Avid Juicy 7's stoppers, SRAM gears, Fizik perch, Schwalbe boots and the rear also comes with the fabled Horst Link, ala pre '06 Turner's. It also uses 7005 alloy tubing which is light 'n' strong, the norm for MTB's is pretty much 6061. I believe that all this was available for £1,850, delivered - which seems a pretty good deal with all that hardware.

I'm not familiar with the brand or model but all reports are favourable; review. Perhaps someone else knows a little that they'd like to share...


Farqui said...

I'd be interested to see what the bearings are like and if they'd stand up to a British winter. Or summer!

Farqui said...

Here's a quick translation of the German review;

2006 starts even more optimistic for the AMS Pro. Highlights: new suspension & remote kit for fork & rear-build.

Whoever would like to beat the sportiness & comfort of AMS must give in(?). Motivation enough for the men at Cube to calm themselves down. They present the Wippe(?) in the rear-build completely over-worked, control provided by a Rock Shox MC3.R effect. The rear build takes a higher grade ground contact and (?) gives good smooth contact/grip.

The comfortable sporty sitting position stays comfortably central, and gives you full control at all speeds. Whoever pushes the joy of the trail quality to maximum, uses the variable platform of forks & suspension at their individual requirements, and activates these at the same time over the remote handle lever.

Shlagartig(?) verhartet(?)... the Cube passes itself as a speedy touring bike. A fun bike of the first quality.

Farqui said...

For those of interested in the Cube AMS FR Pro, Singletrack have just released a downloadable review here. Along with info about a B1 Hornet Plus and Commencal Meta 5.20.